About Us

About Glovynets Virtual School1

Glovynets Virtual School (GVS) is one of the products of Glovynets Healthcare Resources LLC. GVS was founded on the principle of promoting, improving, and supporting career growth and development among healthcare human resources and affiliated professionals.


To be a reliable resource for healthcare and affiliated professionals venturing into career growth, development,and advancement in the local, regional,and global arena.


1.To provide physical facilities, materials, and equipment as well as virtual facilities with the capacity to support those seeking for relevant information, training, and mentor ship for career advancement in the local,regional, and global arena.

2.To create an alumni network of healthcare professionals talented, knowledgeable, and willing to mentor and support the upcoming professionals into successful career growth and relevant opportunities.

3.To partner with individuals, institutions, and governments with the intention of working together in a synergistic paradigm to achieve at minimum, the basic healthcare of the population through optimal distribution and access to professionally well-prepared human resources for health across the health system in the context of zero tolerance to any form of discrimination.

Our Values: GRRIPS

Generosity: We share our resources with the heart and mind of caring.

Responsibility: We take responsibility and inbuilt a sense of accountability for the success of our affiliates.

Reliability: We are dependable and available for our clients and affiliates whenever they need our service and support.

Integrity: We do our job to highest level of quality standards even when no one is watching.

Passion: We uphold a strong enthusiasm and devotion to our promise.

Satisfaction: We uphold the best possible level of satisfaction in our clients and in return be satisfied for satisfying.